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the materials on this site are created for use and collection on phones, blogs, site, etc.
personal use and collection of my work is happily permitted when linked and credited.
the liberation or redistribution of pixels is frowned upon by everybody; it is the author's wish for this site to inspire people to create.

bitmapdreams is foremost a pixel graphics collection that has been growing since 2001. sweets, holiday, and japanese food pixels make up foundation of the materials. i also maintain a pixel backgrounds section, a page of 100x100 handmade dessert photos, a small vector graphics section, and a list of my stylistically cohesive spore creations.

i am currently working on pixelling many of the beautiful items that appear in Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon series. 美少女戦士セーラームーン is copyright Naoko Takeuchi. i do not claim any affiliation; rather, my Sailor Moon pixels are my small way of paying homage to the manga and anime that changed my life.

(c) bitmapdreams 2015. version 13.

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Easter is coming up this weekend!
LAST UPDATED: 2015.3.31

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